So many questions

The WISPS Show is joined by the crew from Life on the Rocks Please. The team answers listener questions. Tim may be a raging racist, Castle struggles with his mic stand, and DeAnn is present and accounted for….finally. Brandy talks medium stuff, and did we mention listener questions?

Poultrygeist Part Three Carrie

The final episode dealing with poltergeists! The team talks about telekinesis and the movie Carrie. The team talks about some recent investigations. Brandy touches Tim’s no-no square. Castle censors Tim and Lurch and DeAnn may actually be the same person in disguise!

Poultrygeist Part Deux

The team is back with more talk of Poltergeists! The team discusses the original film poltergeist, talks about a recent investigation, upcoming shows, and Castle insults the Life on the Rocks crew!


S3E10 Teaser
In this the first part of a three part series the teams talks Poltergeists! The team talks about poltergeist theory and debate the merits of psycho kinesis versus demonic haunting. Tim confesses his crimes, and Silent Don talks more than he has ever talked in all past episodes combined.


DeAnn, Tim, and Castle sit down with The Utah County Medium, Kaden Mattinson, who does a group reading. It’s determined that Castle may be a natural blonde, Tim puts out, and DeAnn gets followed by a creeper. The team also discuses some recent investigations.


The team is joined by Zach Watters and Paul Welch. The team delves into the moral dilemma of crossing spirits. Is it right is it wrong? When is it ok? The team also talks about Paul Welch’s paranormal 101 class, and his Alone series of ghost investigations.


The team does their first call in guest and Lurch takes the reigns as they speak to Wilson. Tim makes fun of Castle for adjusting his mic too often, and Castle reminds Tim he spent his time making out with girls while Tim was doing nerd stuff.

Winging it

The guest cancels at the last minute! What’s the team to do? You guessed it they wing it! Lurch is on a sugar rush.Tim decides to interview the other hosts of the show and turns a disaster into an interesting and excellent episode. Peaches forgets to take her meds and goes bonkers! It’s a show to remember!

Energy Healing

The team sits down with Amanda Autrey and talks energy healing. Castle is concerned that if all the negative energy is removed from DeAnn, she may become a zombie. Tim gets some shoulder work done. Amanda reveals some details of an investigation Tim and Brandy had never revealed to the team before.

Ominous Warnings!

The team sits down and podcasts using Facebook Live! The discussion this week flows around ominous activity that precedes nasty cases. The previous week has been full of activity. DeAnn talks about JOTTs and the team answers some listener questions.

Paranormal Activity

Castle, Tim, and Lurch sit down and watch Paranormal Activity and compare the phenomenon in the movie with reality. Castle is pretty sure Barney the purple dinosaur was involved in that haunting. Tim talks about a recent case, and Lurch says he might have accidentally peed himself once while watching The Exorcist.

Sex Demons!

A new episode of the WISPS Show! Fair warning folks this episode the gang talks about sex demons, succubus, and incubus. Yet oddly it’s one of the cleanest episodes ever produced. The show also delves deeply into LDS theology. You’ve been warned!

Paranormal Pet Peeves!

The WISPS crew talks paranormal pet peeves. Apparently Castle is Peaches’ pet peeve. Tim renders his expert opinion on Wendigos, (hint Wendigos everywhere are going to be offended) and Lurch has an impressive hat collection!

The Podbash HQ Invasion

The WISPS Crew invades Podbash HQ. Castle is disappointed Kenny wasn’t able to attend because he had an intervention planned due to the scoutmaster pantsing incident. DeAnn can’t get a word in edgewise, and everyone talks about the state of public ghost hunts. Do they have a future at Podbash? Tune in and find out!