Ghosts, Bacon, bombs, and religion

The team gets together for another episode and things quickly turn to bacon! DeAnn talks Zac Baggin’s paranormal museum, Castle give a church lesson, Tim talks bacon, and Peaches debunks and there is ghost equipment being blown up by the bomb squad!

The not so sloppy pilot

The first episode of The Supernatural Hour! Tim might be dating a female ghoul! Will she eat his flesh? DeAnn geeks out on Ley Lines, and Castle insists on talking about suicidal dogs, and foot licking vampires.

Not so Grande Finale

The last and final episode of the WISPS SHOW has arrived! Okay, okay don’t get too excited folks. A new and improved show with a new and improved name is right around the corner. It can be found at the same bat time and the same bat place with a shiny new logo. The group talks about two recent investigations, a residential investigation and an extra dark investigation at the Family Tree!


The last of guided meditation and we veer back to ghosts. Castle declares the show to officially be the moistest paranormal podcast on the internet. Tim finishes the discussion on guided meditation and Peaches is on a mission to make Castle fat. Girl scout cookies and fried cheese curds anyone?

Cleansing Lurch

The team is in the studio talking about the Fort Douglas Investigation. Tim talks more about guided meditation and spirit guides. Neuman and and his lovely wife Michelle weigh in on the topic. Castle announces another public investigation, and talks about Advanced Paranormal Services. Lurch gets cleansed.

Guided Meditation

The team gets together to talk guided meditation. What are spirit guides? How does one find their spirit guide. Is it all nonsense? How do you meditate. Castle falls asleep when trying. Lurch is skeptical of the whole process and DeAnn and Tim both jump to meditation’s defense!

Black Eye Kids

The crew is back in the studio talking shadow people and black eyed kids. DeAnn is the only one doing homework. Tim struggles with the concept of aliens, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and Jesus.

Ben Hansen

Happy Valentine’s from the WISPS SHOW! After three and a half years of promising Ben Hansen, Castle finally got off his butt and got Ben Hansen on the show. Tim, Lurch, and Castle talk aliens, conspiracy theory, and even ghosts!

Mirror mirror

2018 and we are back with a new season! The team talks mirrors, portals, scrying, Bloody Mary, and DeAnn’s creepy wooden Elephant! The team also takes some live questions.

Lurch versus Lucy

The entire crew of the WISPS SHOW sits down after a good meal with Corey from the Family Tree restaurant. Did we mention that’s where we are recording from? During set up the activity is off the charts. Lurch challenges Lucy and loses. After composing himself Lurch goes back for a second helping of humble pie. Listen now on the season finale of the WISPS SHOW!

Tim’s Wand

The whole crew is in the studio and chaos ensues. Lurch stick’s Tim’s wand down his pants, Silent Don carries on a monologue, and Castle is deeply concerned about the chaffing on Tim’s hands. Oh and there is Paranormal talk involving the famous Winchester Mansion.

The Tim and Castle Show

Tim and Castle are back! Tim and Castle bring on special guests, Lurch, DeAnn, and Silent Don… okay so they aren’t special guests, but after a busy festival season the entire crew is back in the studio and they talk investigations and personalities.