Completed Events

Completed Events

The 2020 Year in Review Zoom Meeting

Friday, November 13 at 7:00 PM
Zoom Meeting

Because of the mandatory COVID 19 restrictions announced by Utah’s Governor, Advanced Paranormal Services’ 2020 Year in Review and Dinner that was to be held at the Layton Golden Corral on Friday, November 13, at 7:00 PM was canceled. 

Instead, we held the 2020 Year In Review presentation and a question and answer session using a Zoom meeting. Click the green link below to see the YouTube video of the Advanced Paranormal Servies 2020 Year in Review Zoom meeting!

We were disappointed not to be able to meet in person and have dinner with our Advanced Paranormal Services friends but enjoyed virtually getting together with several of them, reviewing our 2020 investigations, talking about upcoming events, and hearing their experiences.

Indian Hills Horror

The 2020 Indian Hills Horror haunt was canceled due to COVID 19 concerns.

Sorry, but the 2020 Halloween season events had to be canceled due to COVID 19 concerns.

They plan to continue “scaring” people of all ages in the 2021 Halloween season. please check back next year, and have a “Happy Halloween!”

Click HERE to see the YouTube video of the 2019 Indian Hills Horror haunt!

An Ogden Cemetery Investigation

Saturday, October 10th, 2020
Ogden, UT

We had a great investigation at a cemetery in Ogden. It was a perfect night with a great group of people and we had lots of activity. And those old headstones in the oldest part of the cemetery…, can you say awesome? Thanks to everyone who came for your participation. And many thanks to the owners of the cemetery for letting us investigate their beautiful grounds. We hope to be able to return to this outstanding venue in the future.

Thanks to our great team members who helped with this investigation: Aleca R., Amber C., Candace N., DeAnn T., Don T., Jamie C., Mike F., Teri F.

The Mercur Cemetery Investigation

Saturday, September 19, 2020
Tooele County, Utah

What a creepy place to investigate in the dark! The dilapidated picket fences around many of the old burial plots really added to the awesome ambiance of this venue. This paranormally active, historic cemetery is a must-see and a must-investigate! Because of the small size of the old Mercur cemetery, we always keep the number of participants of this investigation low. We will return to Mercur Cemetery in the next year or two. When we do, get your tickets early to reserve your spot!

Thanks to our great team members who helped with this investigation: Candace N., DeAnn T., Don T., Mike F., Mark M.

The Rock Canyon Investigation

Saturday, June 21, 2020
Provo, Utah

This was our first public (and free) paranormal investigation since the COVID 19 outbreak and we had a very successful and active night. Over 20 brave guests (many of them first-time investigators) were treated to a beautiful summer night at the mouth of Rock Canyon with lots of paranormal activity. This was the first time Advanced Paranormal Services investigated this venue, but because of the great location and the response of our guest, we are sure to do it again!

Thanks to our great team members who helped with this investigation: Amber C., Candace N., DeAnn T., Don T., Jamie C., Laura R., Mike F.

Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant Investigation

Saturday, March 4, 2020
Saturday, February 22, 2020
Santaquin, Utah

One of our most popular and most requested venues, Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant investigations always sells out and these investigations were not any different. These investigations included dinner (with scones “as big as your head”) and lots of paranormal activity. Have you met “Lucy, the demon princess”? Well, “she” is a treat. Because of the size of the restaurant, we keep the size of this investigation under 20 guests to reduce evidence contamination. We hope to return to this venue in early 2021.

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