Buried Alive and the Unmitigated Disaster

In this action packed episode Castle apologizes for how dry the last episode was, hates smart people, and struggles with PVC. DeAnn stops filtering and actually points out a few zings the others missed and takes great care to point out she lost the directions Castle needed to overcome the PVC puzzle created by Lurch. Heffe almost forgets to hit the record button, and Lurch serenades us with the Safety Dance.


The ask a medium segment! Brandy joins the shows to answer your questions. Heffe spends hours trying to figure out why his mixer isn’t working (hint – turn off the mute). Castle reads the medium questions off of a script and manages to produce one of the dullest shows ever. Hopefully the questions and answers are interesting enough to save the episode. Lurch in his boredom grabs a sword and gets after it.

The Lost Episode

The lost episode… no really. Castle lost the episode while updating his computer to Windows 10, but you’re in luck he found the back-up! So after a few day delay here is Episode 9.

In this episode Castle wants to kick his own ass for chewing gum during an investigation. Heffe finds the mute button on his new mixer and gets mad at Castle for eating Mike & Ikes. Lurch takes on the role of exorcist at the Rawlings Frontier Prison, and DeAnn gets pretty much shut out on this one, but we love her anyway.

Road Trip to the Stanley Hotel

Lurch gets followed by the Stanley Hotel Twins. Castle may have intentionally made a move on Heffe’s wife. Heffe is mad he got left out of the road trip and shares a song he wrote, performed, and made a music video for. and DeAnn is back to answer the cliff hanger question, and the group talks about their recent investigations at the Rawlings Frontier Penitentiary and the Historic Stanley Hotel, the setting for the movie The Shining.

The Scary Ghost Story One

This special episode has a more serious tone than past episodes. A haunt survivor comes on as a guest to share his story of his twenty years living in a haunted house and his encounters. This episode also features a companion video of evidence collected by the home owner over the past wenty years, and WISPS. This episode and companion video are best listened to when you are alone and in the dark, if you dare…

The EVP Show

In this episode Tim the Slob Whisperer joins the team for a time. Heffe has captured evidence, but doesn’t believe it. DeAnn talks auras. Lurch is back and is going to race someone’s grandma in a Marathon. Castle talks a lot.

So Many Questions…

In this episode Heffe admits he does not in fact wield a broadsword, (Beaker AKA) “Tim the slob whisperer” sits in for Lurch and won’t admit he likes being the little spoon, Castle lays out his plan to defeat Kenny’s chain tactic, and DeAnn collects rocks. Oh, and they talk about ghost stuff.

Adventures at Asylum 49

In this PG-13 Episode the group talks about Heffe’s first ghost hunt. Heffe would make skeptics everywhere proud. Castle challenges Kenny to a fight, Lurch makes all the wrong friends in all the wrong places, DeAnn sees no problem washing a car in the rain, and the Boo Bear gets it’s name.

Am I Haunted?

The WISPS SHOW Episode 3 is brought to you by the letter “A” and the Letter “S”… and apparently another letter “S”. Blame Heffe. DeAnn needs help naming her “Boo Bear” and the WISPS Team is willing to let you help do it. The Team is taking submissions and the winner and a guest get a private ghost investigation with the team. The team also discusses how to know if you have a ghost! Let the Paranormal tree house of chaos begin!!

Public Hunts

In this PG-13 episode Castle promises not to ramble, Heffe may have been the victim of a sex crime, DeAnn is scared of geometry, and Lurch hates midicholrians.

The Sloppy Pilot

Welcome to the WISPS SHOW and their first paranormal podcast. Like any new show there are some growing pains with a pilot. In this episode Castle rambles like a senior citizen, Lurch feels dead people, DeAnn wants a cool nickname, and Heffe wants naked pictures of Ben Hansen.