Tim’s Big Thing

This episode the team is joined by Neuman the Utah Medium, and what do they talk about? Tim’s big thing of course! Neuman helps Lydia from M&L Paranormal and more on this episode of the WISPS SHOW.

Astrology and Aliens

Castle and DeAnn sit down and talk astrology and aliens! Rob Barnes sits down and tells Castle all his life lessons will be resolved by December… 2077 and DeAnn learns she has a gooey center. Then Chase Kloetzke who talks UFOs and aliens!


Tim, Castle and DeAnn sit down for more guest at the Utah Paranormal Expo. Back by popular demand, Neuman the Utah Medium! The group also talks with Lawrence Liebroder, a life coach and organizer of the event, and Mrs. Kitty from the Eastern Utah Historical Society.

Cano versus Neuman

Tim and Castle are back at the Meta Physical Expo talking to Neuman the Utah Medium, and Brian Cano from Haunted Collector. Brian Cano reveals how he got started in TV and how he ended up on the Haunted Collector. Neuman reveals Tim’s past life as a civil war officer!

Elizabeth Saint Against Humanity

Tim and Castle sit down and talk UFOs, Cattle Mutilation, and alien abduction with the radio hosts over at KGRA radio. Then Elizabeth Saint joins the show and talks about Cards Against Humanity and some of the gear she has made for investigations all the while streaming on Facebook live!

They’re baaaaaaaaack

They’re back… the whole team is back in the studio! A guest cancels leaving the team in a bit of a lurch, no pun intended… or is it? DeAnn talks about residential investigations. Tim and Lurch do their best to earn the show’s explicit rating this episode and may have ended up on the sex offender registry in the process. Castle went to Benson Grist Mill and figured out how to get down!

Science and stuff

Castle, Tim, and Brandy sit down and interview JC Knight the author of Ghost Physics. Can ghosts be explained via science? The crew also talks about recent investigations, and a new twist to the Family Tree Restaurant saga!

Paranormal Expo Part Two

The WISPS Show interviews more guests for the upcoming Paranormal Expo. We talk toxic frog venom, Ibogaine, and addiction. We also talk about alien abductions, and we talk with Brian Cano from The Haunted Collector. Check it out now on the WISPS SHOW!

Paranormal Expo Part One

The WISPS Show interviews guests for the upcoming Paranormal Expo. Castle gets an intuitive psychic reading. Tim learns his future via astrology, and the group talks about quantum hypnosis healing techniques. Say that fast three times!

Shived by the homeless

The WISPS Show is joined by Anne Liebroder the founder of the Utah Paranormal Expo. Castle wants to know if anyone is going to get shived by a homeless man in down town Salt Lake. Lurch tells stories of days gone by, and Tim’s beard gives him Sampson like strength.